Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) is a way for applications like Nostr clients to access a remote Lightning wallet through a standardized protocol. For instance, you can link your Alby account with any other application using this feature.

How to connect your app?

  1. Create a new app connection

    Enable the application by creating a permissioned connection to your wallet. This access can be revoked at any time.

  2. Connect your app

    Connect your application by adding the connection secret. Either by scanning the connect QR code or clicking a link.

  3. Done

    Zapp and Boost! Your lightning wallet is available where you need it.
    And if you ever want to disable it again, simply disconnect the connection again.


How does it work?

Nostr Wallet Connect uses the existing Nostr infrastructure to allow applications to communicate with lightning wallets. This makes it easy for developers to integrate and gives the users full flexibility on choice.
To learn more about the details have a look at the specs (NIP47)

Which apps support it?

Amethyst is the first Nostr Client to fully support Nostr Wallet Connect. More are working on support for it and are following shortly.

Is it open source?

Of course! Nostr Wallet Connect is an open standard and our implementation is open source on GitHub

Can I run my own?

Yes, Nostr Wallet Connect is for every wallet and can easily be self-hosted.
We are looking for contributors to add support for more wallet backends. If you're interested please contact us on GitHub or

For developers

Nostr Wallet Connect is an open protocol enabling applications to interact with bitcoin lightning wallets. It allows users to connect their existing wallets to your application allowing you to easily integrate bitcoin lightning functionality but still focus on the core functionality of your app.

Happy zapping! Bitcoin on Nostr